ART of Life

“Life is ART. ART is Life. Enjoy the ART of Life.”

ART (Art thou & the Redemption of Technology) Our Quest though media

According to Aristotle, the purpose of ethics is simply finding the ultimate purpose of human life. So we celebrate the ART of life,  “Life is ART, ART is life, enjoy the ART of life,” recognizing purpose in saving our society, humanity, values in connection, energy, individuation, sustainability, healing, harmony and peace.

Aristotle realizes happiness is the ultimate good, since all other good are just alright, while happiness is final. We pursue other goods to achieve happiness, but happiness is valuable in itself. The problem exists, how do we achieve happiness? Pleasure is certainly the motivation behind many of our actions, but it places us on the level of animals. Honor is a viable choice, but it puts too much focus on the praise of others. Aristotle concludes that the way of happiness–and therefore the purpose of human existence–is virtue. Virtue involves habit and choice. So we “Give Virtue Back to Nature…”

Aristotle concludes that Ethics is the highest form of happiness: a life of intellectual contemplation. Since reason is what separates humanity from animals, its exercise leads man to the highest virtue. As he closes the argument, he states that a contemplative life is impossible without the appropriate social environment, and such an environment is impossible without the appropriate government. Thus the end of Ethics provides the perfect segue into Politics.

Politics as defined by Aristotle himself is a "practical science" because it deals with making citizens happy. His philosophy is to find the supreme purpose of life, virtue as he puts it. In our ultimate purpose we Celebrate Life as Eranos, which in ancient Greece represents, a banquet, reciprocity during a period prior to Homer, where all bring contributions of food, an intellectual gift as in discussions in psychology, philosophy, science and spirituality, alternatively, the venue might be rotating, by 5th century BC the concept evolving to include a credit system inspiring an environment to developing the new dream. Zeitgeist, meaning, the sign of the times. Therefore, as society, humanity merges the righteous smart “Party for Purpose,'' representing society, humanity… having the Radiance Fund, ETHICS & Sequoia Ethereal Equity Development, the Radiance Smart Group as the smart Nu-Impresario, artist, entrepreneur.

According to Aristotle, ethics and politics is the art or science of practical good. Then our New Renaissance is the Entertainment & Technology of practical good by doing the right thing, "Giving Virtue Back to Nature," using technology, a fruit from the tree, a movement, solution for purpose, mission, "Sustainability Our Salvation," survival of society,” humanity, in the "ART of Life."

Definition of policy: Politics: (1) The basic principles by which a government is guided. (2) The declared objectives that a government or party seeks to achieve… A sustainable world to the universe for peace by a New American Dream, beginning by elevating ourselves & everyone's earth! "He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it." Confucius

Our intuitive and intellectual compassion in contemplation leads our practices with three jewels or treasures, ” Mercy, Moderation & Modesty” in an application of art & science in a “Web Without a Weaver” as the “World Wide Web” as the “breath of life,” energy heals, "espirit de corps., humanity fusion, synergy in a grand unified theory elevating all & things, as a study of nature, Physics (Physis 6 BC,) Quantum Theory & Metaphysics, uses mathematics interprets abstract becomes music, frequency rising, technology transforming numbers intellectually, virtually in smart entertainment, digital media, IoT, telematics in enterprise elevating sustainable smart cities in a Web of Things, Mixed Realities, A.I., Robotics, Machine Learning, 4IR, having SDGs leading us into radiance, the new frontiers on earth and sky. We heal the world ethereally, intellectually, materially integrating harmonically in balance, a law of increase & laws of faith, a cure, bringing order out of chaos in a cultural transformation to a new golden age, saving our society, humanity,

The Polis as the highest good and therefore is an aim, goal to reach. Every State is a community of some kind, and every community is establishing with a view to some good; for mankind always acts in order to obtain that which they think good. As we develop vibrant smart communities, colonies & cities, but, if all communities aim at some good, the state or political community, which is the highest of all, embracing all the rest, in a greater degree than any other, at the highest good, happiness, ethics in its highest form, in virtue, excellence thrives in our missions. (The Greek term polis will be translated here as 'city-state'.) "Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors." Confucius

“Giving Virtue Back To Nature” provides culture, Virtue Values & Vision (V3,) a platform, redemption to a harmonic balance, individuation, atoning, a massive transformation purpose, Missions to save the world, delivering to Save Our Ship, spaceship earth, Saving Our Society, humanity, Sustainability Our Salvation, from Spirit Outer Space (SOS,) through "the ART of Life," the new renaissance of entertainment & technology, a cultural transformation to a new golden age.

In the Millennium Of Magnificence provides adventure, seeking deeper connection, root to who we really are, seed, branching the tree, pursuing ancient wisdom, discovering mythic evidence, expanding life experience, summitting massive transformation, multi-versing a theme for touring, events, parks, healthcare & wellness housing, hospitality, office, advanced industry, living a new empire, foundation, forging the masterpiece, passion & values to love work profit & non-profit, master planning & execution live work play. Raising our business sense, passions for excellence, execution, & resilience, building the greatest lab idea polis tower of ART inspiring people efforts, resources, & technology, in a built system for living a dream lifestyle, engineering the dream monetized, realizing happiness, in faith & gratitude for the posterity of civilization, the Millennium Of Magnificence.

Be Magnificent